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Invisible Values

It has been forty-five years since
I founded MIKI HOUSE at age 26.

The reasons I decided to start the company were simple.
Back then, there were no products available that satisfied young mothers and fathers who wanted to purchase stylish children's clothing.
I wanted to create something functional, but still fashionable.
Our first son had just been born.
It proved to be not too difficult to create children's clothing with quality and style. The hard part was overcoming the preconception that clothing designed to be worn for such a short time didn't need to be made well.

For 39 years, the voices of our satisfied customers have been our strongest asset.
For example,
"MIKI HOUSE taught me and my whole family about the importance of quality."
"Whenever I recall scenes of my child growing up, MIKI HOUSE is always there."
"When I became a mother myself, I finally understood why my own mother always picked MIKI HOUSE clothes for me."
MIKI HOUSE may have started life as a company selling its products, but as we grew, we came to understand the importance of "invisible values" that can't be seen or easily quantified:.

Reliability and safety in all our products.
A child's most important resources are: individuality, camaraderie, wisdom, education, respect, and sensitivity.
Trust, consideration, and appreciation that bond people together.
Aspirations, goals, hope, and dreams that drive us through our lives.

These are things that can't be seen, but we wanted to convey them to children just the same. We plan to continue developing product ideas that emphasize that vision.
We also want to become an indispensable presence in the lives of the families we serve.
We want to give something back to society by supporting children's dreams in a whole variety of ways.

Here's to making children and their families happy in everything they do.
Here to helping children's smiles and dreams blossom.
Here's to paving a bright path for children to their futures.

MKI HOUSE Group President and CEO, Koichi Kimura