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Everything we make is based on the principle of putting children's needs first.

It is our sincere hope that you will choose MIKI HOUSE for your children whether they're playing, sleeping, eating, talking, running, or doing what they love to do. We want to ensure that children who are wearing our clothes are as happy as possible, to foster fond memories that will stay with them as they grow up. The best way to do that is to make our clothes so that it's soft, safe, and comfortable for children to wear. We make clothes that treat children with the same care that their mothers and fathers do.

No detail is too small to escape our attention, from the cloth to the way it's cut, from the design to the stitching. We have dedicated ourselves to making clothing that stretches to match a child's movements so that they can spend their time doing what they love without even noticing that they are wearing clothes.

Our long experience has allowed us to make MIKI HOUSE a brand of inimitable quality and an enduring favorite for gift-giving.


Safe and comforting

1.Our persistency in using Japanese materials for our baby wear

At MIKI HOUSE, we specialize in using world-renown Made in Japan technology. We craft our baby wear with prudent care using the finest materials best suited for babies.

2.Stitching and materials that puts children first

To bring out the most comfort and safety for children with delicate skin, we use the finest, natural cotton. Our baby wear that uses silky, smooth materials give off the most comfort. Furthermore, to protect the sensitive skin of babies, we give precise care to the finest details: tags and stitch marks are applied on the outer side, zipper parts have flaps attached, and we use thermos-compression bonding embroidery that stitches clothes without stitch strings on the back.

3.Our strict safety and product quality guidelines

At MIKI HOUSE, on top of the basic JIS guidelines, we adopt our own set of guidelines to ensure safety and quality assurance of our products. All of the materials that are used in our product go through color fastness-testing as well as physical property testing. Additionally, for our baby products, we conduct a formaldehyde test and a ph test to check the safeness of the materials before it's assembled. At the assembly line, we have needle specialists who inspects for foreign matters. Furthermore, at the time of shipping, we conduct a final inspection to prevent any foreign or dangerous materials from entering. With our strict safety guidelines, we deliver only the finest products that ensure exceptional quality.

4.Safety guidelines that are international

While our shops are located in 12 different countries, every country has its own set of safety guidelines. This is why at MIKI HOUSE, we strive to collect as many information as we can to clear each and every country's safety procedures while working to establish a global guideline that can be applied in any nation around the world. Especially in regards to toxic chemical substances, even if there aren’t guidelines set, we have developed our own safety guidelines to examine and inspect, and we do not include them in our products. Our safety guidelines allows any customer in any part of the world to wear and use our products safely.